ZOYO Luxury

ZOYO Luxury
The finest luxury & VIP travel agency in Amsterdam. We create well-bespoke escapes in The Netherlands & Belgium for clients who appreciate the good things in life.
Expect one of a kind experiences provided by the finest local suppliers & craftsmen. We create memories worth sharing.
Easily contact our team by phone at +31-6-45070468 or info@zoyo-luxury.com

It is all started late 2015, in a local bar in the city center of Apeldoorn. While enjoying some good times with my best friends, we discussed the potential of some ‘new’ luxury business in the current tourism market. Something new, personal but most important; something that would make a real impact on our clients.

This was the start of our ZOYO luxury label. Over the last few years, we developed ourselves rapidly with our vision to become the ‘leader in luxury travel’ on Dutch grounds. Now, (start-2021) we support 50+ luxury visits each year for an audience that appreciated the good things in life.

Enjoy excellence, service & an exclusive network to make your stay unforgettable.

Making memories together,

Thomas van den Brink
founder & owner of ZOYO luxury